Roman Holiday Street Food

street food truck

June 29 is the festival of Saints Peter and Paul, patrons of Rome. And what festival would be complete without delicious street food? Find out about some of the delicacies on offer.

Venetian cichéto of the week #1 (recipe)

  Venice is a city that most experience on foot. Even those residents that have boats do an awful lot of walking and most of that on unforgiving flagstones, and bridges that rise and fall five feet in space of a few yards. With all that walking, especially in the summer when temperatures regularly top … Continue reading Venetian cichéto of the week #1 (recipe)

5 things to eat in Naples and where to find them

  See Naples and ... well, eat! As well as having the reputation for being one of the most lively and naturally beautiful cities in Italy, Naples is also considered by Italians to be one of the foodie centers of the peninsula. I recently spent a weekend in the shadow of Vesuvius and here are … Continue reading 5 things to eat in Naples and where to find them

In Bologna (with no spaghetti)

This article is about Emilia-Romagna.                                               A recent ad on Italian TV said, 'If Italy was a house, Emilia-Romagna would be the kitchen.' Many Italians from other regions might throw up their hands in … Continue reading In Bologna (with no spaghetti)