Festa delle Marie: 2 February

Tomorrow, 3 February, will see the Festa delle Marie take place as part of the Venetian carnival. But what are its true origins? Find out here.

A Bird’s-eye view of Venice

Walking around Venice, you see lots of prints of old maps of ‘Venice from the air’. From the sixteenth century onwards, this became a stock way to depict Venice pictorially. The many different versions provide useful information about the history and development of the city through the ages and are fascinating to look at in … Continue reading A Bird’s-eye view of Venice

Tintoretto: a new Venetian dessert (recipe)

This weekend I had some friends from out of town visiting and wanted to cook something typically Venetian. I planned to serve the mazzancolle in saor from the last post, a risotto al nero di seppia—more about that in a later post—but what about the dessert? Everyone loves tiramisù it's true, but I am a little bored … Continue reading Tintoretto: a new Venetian dessert (recipe)

Tuscan art … on a plate?

  Tuscany has great food but also amazing art. This is the first in a series of short posts highlighting some of these Tuscan Treasures.  This weekend I found myself back in Paris taking advantage of the situation to visit the Louvre one more time. Whilst wandering through the corridors of this seat of medieval kings, … Continue reading Tuscan art … on a plate?