Melanzane di Mauro: recipe

                                              Aubergine, eggplant, melanzane: they sound good in any language and, in my opinion, taste even better. These have been my favourite vegetables since I was a child and my mother used to … Continue reading Melanzane di Mauro: recipe

Nuts about pasta!: Sugo di Noci (recipe)

    Simple, tasty, vegetarian, and good for you, this recipe is a traditional one here in the Tuscan province of Arezzo. It can also be made easily in under twenty minutes. What are you waiting for?         Walnuts, which grow here in abundance, are used in all sorts of recipes from liqueurs … Continue reading Nuts about pasta!: Sugo di Noci (recipe)

Bigoli in salsa: Venetian anchovy pasta (recipe)

  Bigoli in salsa is one of the most classic Venetian dishes which is found mostly in the city of Venice itself, but in variations in other parts of the Veneto. It consists of a kind of pasta made with semolina flour and eggs, served in an anchovy and onion sauce. The bigoli themselves are … Continue reading Bigoli in salsa: Venetian anchovy pasta (recipe)

Pasta ‘ncasciata: Montalbano’s favourite

This recipe is from Sicily. I've recently become friendly with a fellow food blogger called Vanessa who has a blog I enjoy very much called Food in Books. It deals with the two things I love more than anything else: eating and reading. Vanessa scours the world's literature looking for references to food and then … Continue reading Pasta ‘ncasciata: Montalbano’s favourite

Torta di semolino: semolina cake (recipe)

This recipe is from Tuscany. No sooner is carnival out the way than we have an excuse for another sweet blow-out: San Valentino, or Valentine's Day. And in a country famed for lovers and romance it's seen as a big occasion—notwithstanding the fact that the original Saint Valentine was Italian. It's also the very beginning … Continue reading Torta di semolino: semolina cake (recipe)