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frittata di maccheroni

Frittata di maccheroni


The more I learn about southern Italian cuisine the bigger the differences I see between that and northern cuisine. And, to be honest, nothing surprises me. I was recently taught this recipe by a good friend of mine from Naples and it’s already become one of my go-to favourites. As the name suggests―maccheroni in Italian is used to refer to pasta in general rather than a specific kind―this can me made with any type of pasta. In fact, it’s often used as a way of using up leftovers. I already knew that you could make delicious arancini with leftover risotto to avoid re-heating (and therefore overcooking and ruining) the rice. But this recipe is the same with pasta. Alternatively, as with this recipe, you can cook the pasta specially and just enjoy eating the dish for its own sake.

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Pick me up in Treviso

Via Calmaggiore


Located only 27km as the crow flies from Venice, Treviso has always lived in the shadow of the campanile of San Marco. For most of its life, that was a good thing. Its proximity to the capital of the great Venetian Republic meant that the government ringed it with a great defensive wall and moat which made the city impregnable. The wall is still there today and can be walked almost in its entirety.

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This article is about the Veneto.


A gondolier doing what gondoliers do.


It’s been four months since I wrote my article about my return to my poor neglected Venice, and I’m happy to report that since then I’ve been a regular visitor. And it’s been really interesting to see the way in which the mood of the city changes with the seasons as the light moves from watery winter to sandy-coloured spring. This weekend was noticeably warmer than my last visit, back in February, and some intrepid tourists had even begun stripping down to t-shirts, even though my Italian blood was more comfortable with a t-shirt, shirt, pullover, and jacket!

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This recipe is from Veneto.

Risotto alla Trevisana

This recipe complements my previous post on Radicchio tardivo di Treviso. It’s a very common way of cooking it in Italy. The risotto takes on a lovely pinkish red colour thanks to the radicchio leaves and the gorgonzola adds a little depth of creamy flavour at the end.

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Know your baldo from your arborio? What’s the difference between roma and vialone nano? And which rice is best for risotto? Find out with this quick guide to the top Italian rice varieties.

Until relatively recently, people in the northern regions of Italy didn’t really eat pasta. After the introduction of the maize plant to Italy from the new world in the 16th century, polenta became a popular staple, but for at least two hundred years before this, the major crop grown in the north of the peninsula had been rice. It’s no surprise therefore that the most characteristic dish of this area is risotto, found across the north of Italy with regional variations, from the golden saffron infused risotto alla milanese to the national dish of the Venetian Republic, risi e bisi, literally rice and peas.

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