Back to Bologna and real bolognaise (recipe)

  La dotta, la rossa, la grassa. These are the nicknames given to the city of Bologna by Italians. La dotta (the educated) because it boasts one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. La rossa (the red) because of its distinctive red-brick architecture. And la grassa (the fat)? Because of its … Continue reading Back to Bologna and real bolognaise (recipe)

Pasticcio di tortellini: tortellini pie from Modena

  Ever since I came back from Modena, I've been dreaming of this pie. Having grown up in England, I love big, traditional, English pies such as pork pies and the game pies you see in TV costume dramas weighing down many a seventeenth-century table. This is the closest thing I've found in Italian cuisine … Continue reading Pasticcio di tortellini: tortellini pie from Modena

English soup in Modena

                                            If Bologna is the city of colonnades, Modena, its near neighbour is the city of bicycles. There are hundreds all over the town and are the preferred way for the locals to navigate … Continue reading English soup in Modena

In Bologna (with no spaghetti)

This article is about Emilia-Romagna.                                               A recent ad on Italian TV said, 'If Italy was a house, Emilia-Romagna would be the kitchen.' Many¬†Italians from other regions might throw up their hands in … Continue reading In Bologna (with no spaghetti)